Thursday, November 29

In Case You Missed It...

Tonight on Project Runway Carmen made this:
For him:

And got kicked off the show.
Which is really sad, because I was just starting to like her and her poufy pompadour. But come on, you can't send your model down the runway in a strip of fabric passing for a cowl-neck sweater.
Nina isn't going to fall for it.
How do I know? Because viewers at home aren't falling for it. Not here.
And definitely not if Tiki wears it on Good Morning America.

You should have called me up honey. I would have let you know that a nice jersey tee would have been perfect under that jacket. You already started casual with the Member's Only-esque jacket. You should have just switched the outfit from the"casual dressy" thing to a simple "day at the park". I think both Michael and Tiki would have appreciated that alot more.

You'll be missed Carmen.

Congrats to Jack! See you next Wednesday!


Donatello Catan Breun said...

I didnt really like Carmen. The best work she did was with Chris. Peace Carmen

Suite B said...

awww...that mess Carmen made should have gotten her kicked off, I laughed so hard when he came down that runway