Friday, November 16

Toddlers and Thieves

I read a quote today on that changed my perspective on sneakers:

"...When does a woman stop wearing sneakers? Is there ever an age limit? A prohibitive space? Last year, Voguette Lauren Davis told me, 'My mother always said that the only people who run are children and thieves. So why would you ever need sneakers?' Stacy London from What Not To Wear agreed - okay for the gym, probably not for most women over 20..."

Even though I am still in my teens, I find sophisticated dressing to be essential. A mix of comfortable and chic is extremely important in New York. So here lies the burning question:

When is it appropriate to wear sneakers and when is enough simply enough?
I'm really into these though. The length is perfect to keep you warm and the color, appropriately called "Banana" will keep you from looking like the masses.



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karega said...

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