Thursday, November 15


Last night M suprised me and took me to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in Manhattan. Overwhelmed by the poetry and innate style, I had to share. I've never heard better live poetry than I did last night. It cost only $7 to get in and had a very "grown and sexy" vibe. I don't think I'd be far off to say that we were probably the youngest ones in the place. Regardless, this made a perfect "date" and I highly recommend. Doors open at 9pm every Wednesday and Friday.

Congrats to Nikki D. for winning last night's slam.

History of the cafe: Founded some time near 1973, the Nuyorican Poets Café began operating in the East Village apartment of poet, and Rutgers professor Miguel Algarín with help from co-founders Miguel Piñero (who was there last night!), Bimbo Rivas, and Lucky Cienfuegos. Both Saul Willams, who is one of my favorite poets, Jessica Care Moore (my all time favorite poet) and Beau Sia all got their start here.

Warriors Walk Along- Jessica Care Moore

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