Monday, January 28

Narcissism at it's best...

It's my 100th blogpost!!! It seems like just yesterday I was just starting to post my fashion musings and here I am now, in my second semester in New York filling up my 100th post.
Time flies! In honor of this momentous occasion (lol) I present to you 100 things that you may not know about me. 100 chances to get a little more personal with the chica behind Covet Deschanel.

  1. My basic skincare regimine consists of Johnson's Baby Wash and Gardenia Body Cream from Bath and Body Works. Cheap and simple, huh?
  2. My favorite color changes every day. Today it's silver. Tomorrow, who knows.
  3. I'm really into emerald green...
  4. I'm enamoured with Him. He has changed my perspective on the world.
  5. I don't think He realizes it yet.
  6. New York City is all I've ever wanted.
  7. Mary-Kate Olsen is my fashion icon. Second is Sofia Loren.
  8. I have all sisters, no brothers, but I'd gladly babysit your's (for a small fee).
  9. Christmas is my favorite holiday, second is Valentine's day.
  10. My tuition costs more per year than a new Mercedes. *smh*
  11. I have very vivid dreams
  12. My daydreams generally consist of me wearing purple glitter and platform Jimmy Choos dancing late night at a fantastic club to Mika.
  13. I speak fluent french. Je parle aisé francais. :)
  14. I studied various forms of dance for 12 years.
  15. My best friend is the greatest artist I've ever met.
  16. My best friend has been known to make me laugh so hard my abs hurt.
  17. I have a tuxedo kitten named Demi. Like Demi Moore.
  18. I once met Nikki Giovanni and she told me "hi". I was so nervous all I could do was wave back.
  19. I feel like it's never a waste of money if you buy perfume. A great perfume is timeless.
  20. My favorite perfume is Envy Me by Gucci. My second favorite is Chanel Number 5 because it smells a little different on everyone.
  21. A girl once tried to insult me by calling me "A Fake A** Beyonce". I took is as the greatest compliment ever.
  22. I'm inspired by quotes. They motivate me in incredible ways.
  23. I've read Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons, and liked it. Sue me.
  24. I say a prayer every morning when I wake up.
  25. I believe in miracles.
  26. Josephine Brent is my hero. She is the most amazing person I've ever met. Ask me about her one day and I'll tell you why.
  27. I know they're unhealthy but I love Starbuck's Caramel Frappuchinos.
  28. My boyfriend opens doors, helps me put on my jacket and buys me little gifts for no reason. Chilvary is not dead.
  29. I wear contacts *gasp*
  30. I'm not afraid to explore the world by myself. I'm very independent.
  31. When I was little I told everyone that I wanted to grow up to become President of the United States. I still feel like I have time to make that dream come true.
  32. I do pageants and I love them.
  33. I don't know how to ice skate but I would love to learn.
  34. I've never been in a car accident, or pulled over. But don't jinx me. :)
  35. One of my greatest accomplishments in life, so far, was being Senior Class President. I hope to make bigger accomplishments everyday.
  36. I started that trend.
  37. I could read fashion blogs all day long.
  38. I would really like to work in the fashion magazine industry.
  39. My aunt gives amazing advice and incredible compliments.
  40. My dorm smells like lavender. Every cleaning supply I buy is lavender scented. My roommates don't seem to mind.
  41. I remember lying on the Great Lawn and watching the stars. Do you?
  42. I'm really interested in the study of race relations, racism and stereotypes.
  43. I'm well versed in current events.
  44. I have a lot of secrets.
  45. I choose my friends wisely, which is why I am exclusive to a select few. It's less complicated that way.
  46. I wonder sometimes if NYLON magazine is becoming too mainstream.
  47. It breaks my heart to see dead animals on the side of the road. Truly.
  48. I wear gawdy rings.
  49. I don't mind if you think I'm ecclectic or weird.
  50. I'm completely happy as I am for now, mainly because I'm changing into the person I would like to become.
  51. I can be sarcastic.
  52. I can be quiet.
  53. People sometimes mistake that for being "stuck up" or a snob. I'm neither.
  54. I give to the homeless. It's the Vincentian way!
  55. I'm really into bows. I would wear them more often but people already think I look realllllly young.
  56. My car is electric blue.
  57. I spend my weekends at the thrift store.
  58. 80% of my clothes are vintage in some way or the other and I like it like that.
  59. My friends and I call ourselves "The Society".
  60. I really like raspberry smoothies.
  61. I think that seeing Claude Monet's Waterlillies in person was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.
  62. I'm very organized- Frankin Covey, giant wall calender et al.
  63. I think I write pretty well, but I'm still learning, please bear with me.
  64. My mother was going to name me Giovanni, until she found out that it's a boy's name. I think Giovanni is a wonderful name. Whether girl or boy.
  65. I once spent $30 on a pair of vintage sunglasses because the sales girl at Screaming Mimi's told me that Cory Kennedy owned a pair. I broke them within the first month.
  66. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is my favorite book of all time. Second is White Oleander by Janet Fitch.
  67. I'm a fan of dirty pretty things. Secret messages in beautiful paintings, curse words in french... things like that.
  68. If I was a television character I would probably be Carrie Bradshaw, not just because of Patricia Field's wardrobe choices, but because we are alot alike. Don't laugh, I know it's weird.
  69. When I was little, I was deathly afraid of butterflies.
  70. In her twenties, my mother drove a Jaguar with a sun roof, wore giant sunglasses, had a different hair style every few weeks and sat at a vanity to apply her makeup. She wore a knee length wedding dress and paid for her college education with modeling gigs and pageants. Cool, right?
  71. Gold is fun, but platinum is forever.
  72. I plan on having a chandelier in my master bathroom.
  73. I love clothes with fantastic silhouettes. Volumous pants? Swing coats? Draped blouses? Yes, yes and yes.
  74. Dwayne Carter is the best lyricist alive. Period. Dot. The End.
  75. Somedays I wish I went to an HBCU.
  76. I have volumes of journals and collage books.
  77. I'm a different person than I was yesterday.
  78. I can see things very clearly right now.
  79. I never finished reading Valley of the Dolls. Maybe I'll start...
  80. I can't explain why I love fireworks and fireflies... I just do.
  81. Have you ever heard All Falls Down by Kanye West? Sometimes that explains my life. Sometimes.
  82. I read Postsecrets every Sunday.
  83. My current aspiration is to be photographed by the Sartorialist. No, really.
  84. Alber Elbaz is my favorite fashion designer.
  85. When I was 14 I promised myself that I would summer in Capri. I'm still working on it.
  86. Heels can never be too high.
  87. Papaya Dog and Yummy Taco are reason enough to live in New York.
  88. I'm still searching for the perfect leopard coat...
  89. I used to draw stars on the peak of my right cheek bone, right under the outside of my eye. That got old so I switched to small butterfly tattoos. Now I stick with a small beauty mark.
  90. I'm realizing that 100 things is alot to write about yourself.
  91. I began this blog as a way to express myself and let people know what I was thinking. Now that I'm taking journalism courses I want to develop it into more than just that.
  92. I believe in Lindsay Lohan.
  93. Intervention on A&E is my favorite television show.
  94. I don't own an iPod. I've upgraded to Zune and you should, too. :)
  95. When in doubt, wear red.
  96. My boyfriend and I were voted Cutest Couple in high school. :)
  97. I don't chew gum. It's gross.
  98. I'd rather buy a magazine than eat dinner (see, it's the Carrie in me).
  99. I don't really like movies, the acting tends to disappoint me.
  100. I have very big plans to revolutionize the world. One step at a time.

Hope you enjoyed,



Anonymous said...

where are the other 50???



Mario W. said...

My current aspiration is to be photographed by the Sartorialist. No, really.

haha...this is definitely my aspiration too!!! we need to make that happen in the near future!!!