Saturday, April 5

Janelle Monae Concert

Sooo... this blog is quickly turning into the Janelle Monae fan page. lol Seriously though, Janelle performed at the Blender Theatre on the third. It was as inspirirational as it was life-changing. Her style, which is a mix of 50's school girl and furturistic fashionista, was shown throughout the concert hall with robot-like posters and her fifties up-do. Donning saddle shoes and a tuxedo jacket, Monae exploded onto the stage and performed her songs Violet Stars Happy Hunting, Smile, Simply Jane, Letting Go, Cybertonic Purgatory and her on version of Killing Me Softly.

Check out the exclusive pictures that I took from the second row and the video at the bottom of the page. Also, according to a few insiders at CRUNK + DISORDERLY Tyra Banks and The Retro Kids were at the concert, too. Small world.


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