Monday, June 30

Heavy Rotation

I've been working every single day since my last post. Financially, it's working out well. Blog wise, I'm slacking.
I know.
So I'm here, the night before my morning shift, to fill you in on some of the things that have been inspiring me lately.




  • Anything I can easily slip into and out of
  • Origami folds, intricate cuts, volumous shapes
  • Yellows, navy blues, greys and black for evening
  • Oversized clutches
  • Tall black heels that I can easily transition into the fall

  • Flat faced phones (without flipping, sliding, button pushing or anything. Just simple Blackberry-esque phones)
  • iPod touches. Seriously worth the investment (unless you have an internet capable, music ready cellphone). Plus if you act now you can get one free when you buy a MacBook this fall.
  • I don't know if this counts as tech, but I'm interested in a vintage men's watch with a large gold face and small numbers... I'm saving for a nice one... vintage Rolex, maybe...?

New Favorite Blogs

  • Mane & Chic- Great posts for learning to have great healthy relaxed and natural hair. Tons of celeb pictures and true hair care stories.
  • COACD- These are the people that "discovered me". I wish I would have known the connection between Douglass Perret and the COACD crew and Kathy Lo and the agency that represents me...
  • Make Fetch Happen- One of the best fashion blogs I've ever stumbled across. The fashion posts are creative and straight to the point.
  • Contrariwise- Even though I have no plans on getting a tattoo any time soon I love this blog. Tattoos should be full of meaning and purpose and inspiration. All of the ones featured on Contrariwise are inspired by pieces of literature. Sometimes it's movie quotes, song lyrics or even stage plays. My favorite is definitely: “Give me life / wherever there is opportunity / to live”- From Oedipus the King by Sophocles. I love a great quote. :)
Alrighty, that was a pretty long post. Keep sending the e-mail and comment love. I appreciate it. Let me know how you feel about the blogs, songs, fashion and techie things I've posted and if you have any other suggestions.

Cherry on top,

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Malcolm Peter said...

I couldnt find you in the COACD site (tear). But i doooo love the Contrairiwise blog. You know I'm crazy about meaningful tattoos. Great post!