Wednesday, June 18

We're Back!

This is officially the end of my hiatus.  Did you miss me?  :)   I hope that was a yes because I really missed blogging.  I've had a really eventful few weeks and I'm finally ready to start again.  For my birthday I got a new MacBook and iPod Touch (thanks mom and dad!) and yesterday I splurged on a Motorola Q.  This was my first time buying my own cell phone (who knew they were so expensive?).  Thank God for the modeling check or else I would have been SOL and stuck with my broken LG something-or-other.  But anyway, you're here for the fashion, music, musings, quotes, literary stimulation and beauty inspiration, right?

Without further ado...

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Leeka said...

rich dad poor dad is a gr8 book..
miss you much~