Sunday, November 16

I know it's been a while, sweetheart. We've hardly talked...

Hi guys, it's me, CD.  I'm not dead, and neither is the blog... :)
Busy can't even come close to explaining my life.  Between full time classes, midterm testing and papers, and carrying close to 30 hour weeks at work, I've had so little time to just sit and catch up.  On a personal note, my younger sister is going to compete in a pageant Nationals because she won her last two pageants (I'm so proud).  Culture wise, I'm learning Italian and visiting twice the museums so the visual inspiration is never ending (have you heard of Alphonse Mucha?  Check out his work here.)  As far as fashion goes, getting accepted into Teen Vogue Fashion University has completely changed my fashion life.  Meeting Rachel Roy and Philip Lim are experiences that I doubt I'll ever forget. If any of you have the opportunity to apply, I highly recommend it. 

I'm ready to get back to blogging now.  There's so much to share.

On that note, Covet Deschanel has been chosen to review Marshall's new in-store boutique, Cube.  It's their new line that offers great designer labels (Dooney and Bourke, cute Andy Warhol DJ bags, Betseyville by Betsey Johnson...) for the Marshall's price.  Check back soon for a full Cube review.  

Lastly, Lush Vintage, is no more.  An investment company, that I hold very close to my heart, has decided to back my vintage store and I've decided to start fresh with new ideas and a new name, building on more than just vintage finds.  It's all about creating an empire and building a brand, you guys.  I'm so amped about that.  I hope that you will all join me along the way.  There really are no limits right now.

No more hiatus, ok?  I miss you guys way too much,

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