Tuesday, January 13

Coat Check...

Here's the confessional, then we're going to bury the topic.  I wasn't evicted, my house wasn't foreclosed on or anything crazy like that, in fact, my parents are proud owners of our home... I switched colleges in a very major way.  I packed up and just left.  
Okay so, the day after Christmas, I received a last minute rejection letter from my first choice University.  I was really upset about the entire thing, especially since there was no reasoning behind it.  It was just a very general rejection in a very general envelop...  What broke my heart more than anything was that the offices were closed for winter holiday and weren't set to reopen until Jan. 5, which also happened to be, from what I remembered, the first day of new student orientation.  My first thought was that I should go up to the school, and work it out.  I talked to a few alumni and they suggested that I go on tuesday after a few phone calls were made.  On Saturday evening, my father told me that I would be leaving for New School (not to be confused with Parson's The New School) on Sunday night.  To make a very long story short, I cancelled all of my plans for the next day, packed my stuff, and made the trip.  The staff was so supportive.  The entire thing was a misunderstanding and I was accepted.  I am super grateful to everyone there.  I now have a single bedroom, almost as big as my room at home, I live in a suite, and I've met really great people.
  As far as fashion is concerned, this is definitely not New York, or DC for that matter.  It's brand new so I'm approaching it with a very open mind.  I want to apologize for canceling last minute on my closest friends, esp. Charles at Tattoos and Skips.  Everything has moved very fast.  Thanks to Marc over at Boy Bohemian.  His post on resolutions for the new year has me so inspired (check it, number six on his list is "cut all this modest s*** and do me."  Number thirty, "stop frontin' because it aint trickin if you got it, its just living if you don't.")  I love it.  

Alright, back to the good stuff. 
Through thick and thin,

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