Sunday, April 19

Let's Play "If I Were..."

If I were a computer I would be a Macbook Pro
If I were a designer I would be Rachel Roy
(or Kimora Lee Simmons, not because of the clothes they design, necessarily but because they work so hard)

If I were a model I would be Sessilee Lopez

If I were a label I would be vintage Halston
If I were a pair of shoes I would be black and white Manolo Sedarby

If I were a movie I would be Nana
If I were a song I would be Get Along With You by Kelis
If I were a breed of dog I would be a Papillon
If I were an artwork I would be Dusk by Alphonse Mucha
I tag Malcolm at A Figment of the Imagination and Robert at Ma Vie Est Indie Je Pense.

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1 comment:

Malcolm Peter said...

very nicely put
halston was the man.
you know i'd be YSL.
miss you