Sunday, January 13


Most of the people who know me know that I am longing to find the perfect leopard print coat. I found an awesome vintage leopard one but it's not quite what I want. In lieu of that, I've been searching for the perfect one and today
I think I've found it:
It's by the French line Cacharel and looks like it's straight off of Edie Sedgwick. Founded in 1962, this Parisian line, named for a species of wild duck, is famous for its prints, accessories and jewelry. The collections are always full of color and bold prints while still having a relaxed style and air of femininity about them.

I know what you're thinking, "Covet, you know I hate leopard print even though I enjoy Parisian design, is that all Cacharel has to offer??"

Absolutely not. Check out these dresses...

Both of those pictures are form the Spring 2003 lines (because that was the last update had from them) but the dresses are timeless, non?

The collection is currently being designed by design duo Clements-Ribeiro.

Check out the French website at

(and don't be afraid to use


With leopard print love,


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