Monday, January 14

Prepping for the weather.

The weatherman here told us to expect rain and snow flurries tomorrow...
There's no need for an umbrella when you have a fashionable scarf!

Echo scarf $14.99
There's so much to do on rainy days
(like save up for the next rainy day...)
I'm Saving Up For... Bank
Or take pictures in the city with your LOMO Fish Eye Camera and waterproof camera case.
Submarine Case $44.99

Or sit back and listen to Ashanti (I mean really, when was the last time? lol)
Rain on Me (live)
Not into Ashanti? Then curl up with Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn The Paramount Years $22.95

Or brave the weather with a chic raindrop tote bag

Paul Frank- $48

These things and more can be found at

Stay dry,


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